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Texture problems after loading saved game

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I have a texture problem similar to one described by another poster as "Very large colorful textures start to appear and doors disappear." That poster fixed the problem by disabling Windows desktop themes and desktop composition, but that fix doesn't work for me.

Also, my problem occurs predictably and repeatably: any time I load a saved game other than the first.  That is, when I launch the game and click "Continue game" to take up where I left off last time, graphics (i.e., textures) are fine. But from this point on, if I load any saved game (either via load screen or F9), many of the doors become transparent or uniformly gray, and I see odd shapes shooting through space. The only fix is to exit the game and restart, at which point it's fine again as long as I don't load a saved game.

I tried running in windowed mode as one person suggested in that other post but that had no effect.

Any other ideas?

BTW This is under 64-bit Windows7 with Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB card.

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