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Hello! 1rst post and a little mod (re)release

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Hello everyone !

I've seen a complete voice FR translation from PS2 for PC was released so I decided to play again NOLF1.

I propose you a little mod I archived a long time ago on a floppy disk 😂, to recover the vanilla main menu in GOTY version of the game (blue background) or do the opposite.

If you want to upload it on the site I can send you the files by P.M.

Sceenshots of menu for comparison joined in the post.

Happy playing !

Install info:


*GOTY to Vanilla menu*

Unzip the zip file and place the Original_Menu.rez into the NOLF custom directory ("nolf\custom").

*Vanilla to GOTY menu*

Unzip the zip file and place the Game_of_the_Year_Edition_MENU.rez into the NOLF custom directory ("nolf\custom").

Playing the Mod:


Start the NOLF game and on the startup screen do the following:

1). Click the Advance button.

2). Click the customize button.

3). Select PIGranny.rez by clicking on it. Next press the Add button located in the middle of screen. Next click the OK button.

4). Click the OK button back on the Advance Options screen.

5). Finally click the Launch button.

Rights: All game content is the property of Monolith Production and Fox Interactive.

Credits : to the original author G-MAN (I guess it was him since I had a folder called with this name, as far as I remember the mod was hosted on filefront or fileplanet).




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Send them over and I'll add it to the downloads. 

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10 hours ago, Lilarcor said:

Here is the link with the two files :


Downloaded. I'll add them to our downloads over the weekend. 

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