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{SFI} Server Rules


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{SFI}Clan Doomsday

{SFI} Deathmatch


SFI is proud to have continuously provided public gameservers

for the nolfing community to play on since 2003.




Doomsday and Deathmatch servers run 24/7. SFI's way of supporting the community.

{SFI}Custom maps/Bookable *See Below Server rules to Book time*

We run other servers for special purposes as well (custom maps)

To get the custom maps we run in our servers visit


{SFI} Runs the UnityHQ Official Mappack on all our servers.



SFI Server Rules

We ask our guests to please observe the following guidelines to avoid being kicked or banned.


PROFANITY - Children play on our servers. Keep your language clean at all times.

CHEATS - Cheats of any kind are not allowed. Play fair.

HARRASSMENT - Have respect for your fellow players.


Cheating - Do not take advantage of map flaws. Avoid restricted areas that the mapmaker did not intend for you to venture into during games. This includes shooting through walls


Suggested Etiquette



Permissible in the Doomsday server unless it is clear someone is giving lessons.

In Deathmatch, move on to the next target if you come across someone chatting. Accidents do

happen, so a quick "sorry" helps to smooth ruffled feathers. There is a glitch in NOLF2, so if the

player is moving, frag them regardless of the '!' floating over their head.





Doomsday is war, so if you cannot protect your base, spawn killing will happen.

Better players, however, know when to pull back to allow the other team to regroup. In Deathmatch, killing

someone that has just spawned without giving them a chance to be aware of your presence is considered tacky.

An exception is on the smaller maps where it cannot be avoided during a crowded server.

Camping at or placing traps/tags at spawning points is a cheap tactic and could result in a person getting booted from the server.

Don't do it.




SFI asks that our servers not be used to actively recruit for other clans. We are willing to help

out other clans with renting out server time, having practices with them and in various other

ways, but we ask those clans that are in a recruiting phase to host their own games during

such time.


SFI reserves the right to ban anyone for not following these rules. Report any incidents to

Eliteone at e1@sficlan.net, Belladonna or notify an online SFI clan member.

To book time on the Bookable Server contact BellaDonna at belladonna@sficlan.net. Booking

is on a first come first serve basis so be sure to set up the time well in advance.


Amendment added 7-31-05 CHEATING

From now on, anyone caught discussing on the servers how to use or download cheats will be banned from the server. Meaning talking about hacks, editing files, aimbots, etc. You can still point out map flaws, and learn how others use them, but please don't actually go shooting off map because abuse of that will get you banned as always. Also, those who ruin the game for others by constantly making cheating accusations will be booted or banned. If you think someone is cheating, contact the admin here about it. DO NOT accuse anyone of cheating in the server!


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I didn't think I'd have to mention this, but there's been a rash of people using the name '.' or ',' in order to make them near impossible to see during a fight. This is a form of cheating, in my opinion, and it will not be permitted. Use a real name!


Also, some think it's amusing to use the name 'You' which confuses everyone when they don't get a point when they see 'You killed Belladonna'. Use a real name!


So it is now in the rules, for those of you who liked to whine to server moderators that it wasn't. BTW, if a server moderator tells you to stop doing something, LISTEN TO THEM! If you don't agree with it, then send me a PM or email but don't argue with the moderator in the server.

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