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Crouch toggle and leaning

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Hi all!

Does anybody have the technical know-how to make crouch (a.k.a. duck) toggle and leaning left and right in NOLF1? I went through default.cfg if there was a easy way to do to crouch toggle at least but no luck :(

I'm guessing modding is the only solution. Sadly lithtech tools are all greek to me.

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Hey there - I realize this is a dead topic, but I figured I'd post my fix for anyone else looking to solve this problem.

I just ended up using Autohotkey to create a toggle for this. Here's the script. Also, make sure to run it as Administrator:


   if (toggle)
      sendinput, {c down}
      sendinput, {c up}

Fyi: "c" is my crouch key. Adjust to your liking.

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