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I came across this article on social media this evening:



You'll see that the trademarks were filed just a few days ago and that "Night Dive Studios" republishes old titles.


Is this the end of the NOLF rights mystery and the start of a new chapter? I certainly hope so! What are your thoughts?

Unfortunately, still no official word from the company itself but the statement given seemed to "hint" that they are pushing forward with republishing these titles.

Also, no word on any internet gameplay. I would hope they would reinstitute some kind of native online play but I've often witnessed these republications (i.e. Good Old Games) do not include online play. Regardless, there may be a lot of new NOLFers in the near future!

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Will be interesting to see how it plays out. The Trademarks don't guarantee that they will get the rights to the already published games etc.

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Although I have the original CDs still, it would be great if the games were easily available on gog.com or similar. Since Night Dive Studios managed this with System Shock 2, I am somewhat hopeful!

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