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Hello NOLFers,

It was recently announced that Gamespy services will cease completely.
As we already knew, from late 2012, Gamespy services for games that required Gamespy to authenticate CD Keys (Contract JACK, SWAT4, etc.) were no longer unavailable.

However, announced this month (http://www.poweredbygamespy.com/pricing/), Gamespy will discontinue ALL services.

This will impact NOLF1 as NOLF 1's master server listing is "Powered By Gamespy".

Even though NOLF 1 does not use any kind of authentication process to join online games, the service to provide the multiplayer server list will no longer be available.


I'm sure this will also have impacts on 3rd party sites that utilize Gamespy to generate server lists (Xfire, etc.)

Therefore, the only way to join these servers will be through the independent development of a master server listing as has been developed with NOLF 2, the distribution of IP addresses for a direct IP connection, or using a service such as LogMeIn's Hamachi to connect with friends over the Internet in a LAN interface.

**Edited to add: The end date for Gamespy services is May 31, 2014**


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Well that sucks.


As I host the NOLF2 and Contract Jack server lists now. I'm more than willing to add NOLF 1 as well.

Would probably require a similar workaround like the LivesForever Mod.

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Another Lithtech game, TRON 2.0 has been shut down a while earlier and what I did there together with the LDSO community was opening up a website where users could add their own servers:




Afterwards, a Multiplayer Fix had been created that basically consists of an installation of Qtracker which is listing all currently running servers. It is even possible to start up Qtracker by clicking on the server names on my website.


I would open up a similar website for NOLF1 too, but if someone decides to create a multiplayer application like in NOLF2, there is no need for that.

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Maybe I have some good news: Some people have created OpenSpy - an alternative for GameSpy that works with a handful of old existing games. OpenSpy enables me to start up my own GameSpy master server IF I can get the source code to work and if that also works with NOLF1.


I will fiddle with it in the next few days. Wish me luck! :)



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We have another solution in the works to resolve this.

Stay tuned :)

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