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UNITYHQ Server Rules

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These rules apply to all the Nolf series servers UnityHQ runs


We ask our guests to please observe the following guidelines to avoid being kicked or banned.


PROFANITY - We don't need to read F bombs while playing. Keep your language clean at all times.

CHEATS - Cheats of any kind are not allowed. Wallhackers will be Banned !! Play fair.

HARASSMENT - Have respect for your fellow players.




Suggested Etiquette



Permissible in the Doomsday server unless it is clear someone is giving lessons.

In Deathmatch, move on to the next target if you come across someone chatting. Accidents do happen, so a quick "sorry" helps to smooth ruffled feathers. There is a glitch in NOLF2, so if the player is moving, frag them regardless of the '!' floating over their head.


SPAWN KILLING & SPAWN TRAPS **updated 11/21/05**

Doomsday is war, so if you cannot protect your base, spawn killing will happen. Better players, however, know when to pull back to allow the other team to regroup. In Deathmatch, killing someone that has just spawned without giving them a chance to be aware of your presence is considered tacky. An exception is on the smaller maps where it cannot be avoided during a crowded server.


Camping at or placing traps/tags at spawning points is a cheap tactic and could result in a person getting booted from the server. Don't do it.

Do not take advantage of map flaws. Avoid restricted areas that the mapmaker did not intend for you to venture into during games. This includes shooting through walls



Conduct or other issues which affect others in the server (excessive ping multiple disconnects reconnects spamming the server) If it is disrupting gameplay for others in the server then you can be kicked/banned.

While {U} UnityHQ runs a public server if space is needed for {U} members to play you can be kicked during peak usage times.

UnityHQ Benefactors (those who donate/ help pay for the servers) enjoy the same privileges as a {U} member when server slots are concerned.


Unity HQ reserves the right to ban anyone for not following these rules. Report any incidents to Eliteone, Belladonna or Natter via a PM at the unityhq forum.


If you feel you were banned unfair or wish to appeal a ban. Use the procedure for contact above and someone will contact you. Do not go on a smear campaign or the ban may become Permanent

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The Unity servers are public servers. This means clans are permitted to recruit players from them. However, we insist the rules below be followed in order to keep the peace and have the game running smoothly for those not interested in clans...


* Do not hassle people. Ask once if someone is interested in joining your clan. Only once. If they aren't, leave them alone.


* Conduct discussions offline. If someone is interested, exchange contact info, then iron out details elsewhere.


* Do not spam the server. Do not come into the server and announce you're looking for members. Do not ask each person entering the server to join your clan. If you feel the need to announce every 5 minutes that you want members, then get your own server to do it in.


* Watch what you say. Do not say anything negative about other clans. Each clan has their good and bad points, but there is no need to mention them in public and possibly start a clan war.


The Unity servers are there for everyone to PLAY in. They aren't recruiting tools or chat rooms. Conduct your business quickly so you don't interrupt gameplay. Warning: The servers are monitored anonymously at times, so you WILL be caught breaking rules, which could result in booting or even banning.



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From now on, anyone caught discussing on the servers how to use or download cheats will be banned from the server. I'm talking about hacks, editing files, aimbots, etc.


You can still point out map flaws, and learn how others use them, but please don't actually go shooting off map because abuse of that will get you banned as always.


Also, those who ruin the game for others by constantly making cheating accusations will be booted or banned. If you think someone is cheating, contact the admin here about it. DO NOT accuse anyone of cheating in the server!

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Always good to remember the rules!

I'd like to remind people to play with good sportsmanship and request that you don't switch teams just to be on the one with higher points. That's totally annoying. Stick it out and help your teammates.

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