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Looking for Nolf1 and Nolf2 logo as *.png file!

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Hey folks,


I am in need of two picture (.png) files of "The Operative: No One Lives Forever" and "No One Lives Forever 2" with transparent background, so that I can use it for further work (need them for a youtube thumbnail).


The important thing is, first the background (as I said it should be transparent), second thing is that I only need the logo, nothing else and the size should be large enough to work with it, like 1000x500 or something around this size.


I count on your help and a very, very, very big thanks in advance! :)

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You should be able to convert one from another format If none are natively available.

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The Fan Site Kit (si_nolf2_fansitekit.zip) for NOLF2 has what you need for that game. In the "logos" folder there is a logo graphic with transparent background (logo-nolf2.psd) that is 2291x505 pixels. This should be on the DVD I sent you a while back. As Eliteone indicated, you should be able to use Photoshop or GIMP or some editing program to make the necessary conversion.


I am not aware of a fan site kit for NOLF, so I would suggest trying to cut what you need from some wallpaper.

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Oh, okay thanks! (: Cutting the letters out, I had that idead before, but yeah, that's not the prettiest way!

I'll try that fan site kit, thanks akula65 (I still got the DVD by the way) and Eliteone!

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The NOLF2 fan site kit is hosted here on UnityHQ:




I was able to get the NOLF logo from a 1280x1024 official bitmap wallpaper fairly easily. It's 471x319 pixels with a transparent background, although it can be cropped a bit smaller. PM me an email address, and I will send the GIMP .xcf file (in case you want to edit it) and a .png export.

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