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Heya Nolfeeeeeeeeeeeeeers!


I bought myself a new computer and have been trying to get my NOLF2 running. Many problems ocurred and I am clueless.

What for example is "LIBEAY32.dll" ??? My windows 7 tells me that NOLF cant run because this thing is missing! It wants me to reinstall the program, which I did.


I think Im gonna need some help here.....





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Thanx for the fast reply, URA!

Looks like I solved THIS problem by chosing the LivesForever Mod, not the LiveForevePlus Mod.


BUT: On my new computer, a MacBookPro Retina 15'' with Windows 7 partition, NOLF2 doesn't fill the full screen. It looks like 4:3 with black vertical bars - and no matter what display setting I chose it's always the same. (It's okay on my older MacBookPro with Windows 95). Do you have any idea why?


AND: My neighbour Mickey, whom I recruited for our multiplayer Nolf2, has installed the game with my help, has all aditional files, but can't start multiplayer, because he gets the error message "Invalid CD key". During installation the software didn't ask for a key. And yes, we have your NoCDpatch installed.

Can you help with some advice?


Thank you!

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Does your neighbour have the LiveForever Mod installed as well?

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