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Wikys Tut I am currently ATTEMPTING to make a deathmatch map. This is my first time ever using DEdit. I will post updates proggesion screenies etc...soon. It will consist of Tags only smile.gif . Challenging but fun.


Progression - 1%

Still needs


A Sky tongue.gif


Pretty much that basic stuff.






Another one. I tried processing my world and it says Error opening the dat file for output. try again?


Another one. Is there anyway I can make it so no one spawns with a pistol or kantana?

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1. you choose one of the twodimensional views

2. you press the space bar (red dot appears)

3. you move your cursor to a position away from the first red dot

4. you press the space bar again (another red dot appears, connected to the first one by a white line)

5. you do that two more times forming a square

6. you connect the last white line to the first red dot by spacebarring on the first dot again

7. DEdit asks for a thickness (if you're in 3d mode) - enter something

8. you're done!


Does that do it?

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I think you can change the default weapons for your map when you create a .cfg file. (more detail in the documents "Content Packs and Modifications")





NameStr = "My New Map"

Photo = "Worlds\RetailMultiPlayer\DD_MyNewMap.dtx"

DefaultWeapons = "Tazer,Beretta,Compact Codebreaker,Keychain"


Change to: DefaultWeapons = ""

That might do it. It should work on basic ("retail mod") servers.



As for the error,

•Save And Process the map

•Check the output paths:

Click on Process button

In the project path it should have something like this:C:\Program Files\Fox\No One Lives Forever 2\Game\


•Then check your options:

Click Edit->Options->Run

Values should look something like this: (in this order)

C:\Program Files\Fox\No One Lives Forever 2\NOLF2.exe

C:\Program Files\Fox\No One Lives Forever 2\GAME

-rez engine.rez -rez Game +runworld "%WorldName%"


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The .cfg file changes what name it displays while loading. It also lets you use your own loading picture. The last part should control the default weapons a player spawns with.

That file has the same name of your processed map file (a .dat file), but using the extension .cfg and they go in the same folder.



To make a cfg file:


Create a new .txt file (right-click on your desktop or in some folder, click New, click Text Document)

Add the lines like in my last post.

Save as myexactmapsname.cfg



The last part of my post, I described how to set-up DEdit to make it process and play your map (hopefully correct).

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Red Bull...


ull have to excuse Neo...

he is a nerd tongue.gif

he plays with the coding and stuff cnstantly...he makes maps and mods...(crazy mods)...he is just gifted...so half of his stuff could fly over ur head wink.gif

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lol, neo is a good person to have on ur buddy list when mappin/modding for nolf2 tongue.gif


only him and Sgt Pepper know enough to help...and Pepper doesnt really spend time to help...


there are many more that know how, but none that will give u the time and effort that neo does wink.gif


he a great guy...


btw...good luck smile.gif

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