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NOLF1 on Linux (via Wine)

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Hi guys,


I was finally able to get NOLF running on the latest Wine version - it works without any problems so far, only the music does not play.


You only need the application wine for this to work. On Debian based distributions you can install that with:

sudo apt-get install wine

First, I downloaded the two NOLF CD images from the download section here. After that, I opened up a terminal and entered some commands to get it right. Nothing fancy, it's pretty straightforward.


First, we need to mount the cd images (I put them on my Desktop) as real CD's, so I entered this:

cd $HOME/Desktop/
su -c mount NGotydisc1.iso /mnt -o loop && mount NGotydisc2.iso /media -o loop

The first CD is on /mnt, the second one is on /media now.


We can install NOLF with the following command after that:

env WINEPREFIX=$HOME/.wine-nolf wine /mnt/setup.exe

That makes sure, that all your NOLF files are in a special directory in your home folder that is called .wine-nolf instead of the default one.


Why not the default? Because we have to replace some sound related files now and we don't want that enabled by default:


(This step is not needed if your wine version is older than 1.5.1)

wget http://winetricks.org/winetricks && chmod +x winetricks
env WINEPREFIX=$HOME/.wine-nolf ./winetricks dsound directmusic

You are done. Nolf should show up in your application menu now. Disable the music and intro videos in the launcher, otherwise it won't run. Keep playing! :)

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