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Hi , i would like to have a question here :D

Recently , i extracted NOLF2 model from rez file and now i want to edit it like animation or sort of things.

The NOLF2 model is ltb file , which i can convert it to lta via LTB2LTA by a modder from MPGH. But know I want to edit that file , not just view it in Model Edit.


So I'm wondering if there are any ways to edit them , like import them to 3dsmax or Maya.


Thanks for reading :D

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It's been 10 years or so since I had NOLF installed so I could only go from memory now. The general idea is to create or import a correctly orentiated skeleton. In order for the game animations to work, the skeleton must match exactly. One might come with the tools in maya format as in character sample.mb, I don't remember. You then import or create your model.obj, bind the skin in maya using smooth binding, or in max using a modifer so the bones have weighted vertices. You then export to lta or ltc so that model edit can read it. In model edit you add the animations, lods, and textures, etc... and save the model in .ltb format that the game understands.

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