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How to overwrite attributes

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i recently started replaying nolf 2 and im pretty annoyed by the menu troubles in widescreen. i decided to try to fix the subtitles etc and found the corresponding lines.

my problem is that when i put the changed files into a .rez and load the mod, nothing changes ingame. i checked the demolition mod that replaces the commands attribute file but couldnt find anything out of the ordinary there.

is there anything special i have to do in order to overwrite the original attribute files?

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yes, i found the problem now. lithrez created only empty .rez files with just the header - im now using winrez instead and that works...

i still would like to know what im doing wrong though, i did it like the documentation said: i have the folder ATTRIBUTES in the folder "Widescreen" and in the batch i put:

lithrez c "G:\Monolith\No One Lives Forever 2\Custom\Mods\Widescreen\widescreen.rez" G:\Monolith\Widescreen
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