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All New Christmas Event - The Secret World



All New Christmas Event


Have you been naughty or have you been nice this year? Beware, because the wicked Krampus is on the loose!


The brand new Christmas event called A Mother of a Season starts today and will last until the 2nd of January. A tweaked End of Days also makes a comeback this year, so you have tons of great challenges and special rewards to look forward to!


Face Krampus and Hel!


The brutal Krampus is scouring the land for people to punish, but if you are clever you can turn the tables on the Krampus and prevent him from escaping your wrath. The Krampus opens a portal to Niflheim itself, the land of frost and ice, and you can enter this terrible place if you dare.


Within you will find a host of enemies, so getting some friends to help you might be a good idea. Niflheim holds many mysteries. The most secret of these is the ritual to summon Hel herself!


Fight Hel in Niflheim for a great challenge and to receive unique rewards. But the greatest battle will take place if you manage to lure Hel out of her realm and into yours. This extremely dangerous ritual is not to be taken lightly, and any details surrounding it are murky at best. Everything must be just right for the ritual to work. The picture at the bottom of this article is the only known clue to finding the spot where the ritual may be completed.


Become the Lord of Misrule


But Krampus, Niflheim and Hel are only part of what you can enjoy this Christmas. The Secret World picks up the old tradition of having a Lord of Misrule for the festivities. Those who are playing in PvP can receive the Lord of Misrule title.


Not only does the Lord of Misrule change appearance (he ends up looking like a Krampus in a Santa outfit), but he also gets many awesome and unique abilities, like a powerful knockback shield or being able to drop exploding presents on his enemies. You can only be the Lord of Misrule for 5 minutes at a time, but whoever kills the lord gets the honor of becoming the Lord of Misrule himself!


So the time to enjoy Christmas is here. Get your hands on tons of brand new rewards and outfits, both in the Item Shop and as unique loot. Krampus, Hel, the Lord of Misrule and the End of Days are here for everyone to enjoy!




If you want to check out The Secret World for free visit HERE

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