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[WR] is back in full force!

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Ever since [WR] had officially came back earlier this year, we have been slowly racking up members, getting everything organized with the site/forums, and now I am happy to say that [WR] is back in full force! Our recent additions to the clan are [WR] *Diamonds*, [WR] Emerald Weapon, [WR] Pashuka, and [WR] Sheepey. All of which were in or were associated with [WR] in the past. We now have 14 members, all of which active. Our member list is below. Leaders are in bold.


[WR] Agent

[WR] SkiZZor

[WR] Kane

[WR] Nutter

[WR] Sheepey

[WR] Spazz

[WR] Ninja

[WR] Pashuka

[WR] *Diamonds*

[WR] Emerald Weapon

[WR] Jojo

[WR] Foxhunt

[WR] Shadow

[WR] Slyguy


Our newly designed website is located at http://wrclan.clanned.net, and the forums are located at http://wrclan.clanned.net/forums. If you are interested in joining, please fill out the "Join Us" form on the main page, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.




[WR] SkiZZor

[WR] Leader and Council Member

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