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I am a rusty gaming relic if ever there was..

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Title got you in? Feel like a rusty old relic yourself at times? Well lets rust together shall we. =P

It somewhat begins to worry me just how N.O.L.F would turn out if made in this day and age. Where longevity of a game in many of the elder games remade, is thrown out the window for quick pleasing eye candy.


And to step up to a level of development like N.O.L.F... those are not just big shoes to fill, thats a giant pair of boots if ever there was, to fill!

http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/no-one-lives-forever-retrospective says it quite well.

I enjoy the new games in many respects, dont get me wrong and begin to flame me =P (hey im made of rust i dont burn easy! I just flake) but they seem to be so quick and over with, just as they begin to get somewhat interesting. Which tends to leave me playing mmorpgs to get some long term pleasure, which is something I always gained from N.O.L.F. A game I could reinstall again and again, and just enjoy it. Also the 'hmm well im going to try it stealth this time!' The choice.


For NOLF3 I would like to see, a more interactive free roaming world. Not a grand theft auto world, just something reasonably small, tying the missions together abit. Giving cate a home, and a few street blocks to adventure through. Where she could access her missions from too of course.

Anastasia seems to have read my mind in a previous post. I would want nolf3 to be all about cate before she joined Unity. the ps2 extra level.

Would totally love to see the humour yet again, I miss that so much, I think its a large part of why many return to N.O.L.F and reinstall it even in these days. Amusing interaction, funny acting, absurd looking characters (I dont know about you but 'Smithy' from N.O.L.F 1 with his upraised eyebrow , that perpetual look of haughtyness just makes me giggle everytime.

Overall I wouldnt want a ton of new features introduced, its hard to improve on almost perfection, and if tommorows they announced NOLF3 would be exactly like previous nolfs, and tons more missions, I wonder how many of us would turn our noses up at that. I know i wouldnt =P


Its the 1950's and Cate is a young girl, just on the verge of womanhood, setting is a Lords manor house. Cate has found her father dead, in a pool of blood, she picks up the gun he was killed with (background voice ''Lord Archer? Constable Bigguns is here to speak to you about Cate again'' whereupon the butler knocks politely and hearing weeping (cates) enters. ''Good heavens what have you done!'' and runs out of the room heading for the Police Constable. Cate panics and runs. She is now destitute with no family left (since her mother died young) and the police are wanting her in regards to juvenile crimes, but she thinks they want her for the murder. So she lives her life of burglary, meeting various villians along the way who give her missions to thieve things.

The ending would quite simply be where she steals Brunos watch and he is waiting for her..her first entry into Unity itself. (and her juvenile records cleared)

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The dream only takes a bit o' money.......a little win on the millionaires lottery........and our dreams could come true :matrix:

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