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NOFL on a eMac of 2005


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I recently acquired an eMac model 2005, and after spending some time restoring it and taking out shine I would like to use it to the fullest, and I remember that by the 2005 I spent many hours playing No One Lives Forever 2, so I was wondering if this particular model, eMac G4 1.42 gHz powerpc with 1GB of RAM and ATI 9600 graphics card will be able to run it.

Thanks and if anyone has already tried in some similar computer, I will be delighted that somebody share the expierence.

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You're above the minimum hardware specs: 700MHz G4 CPU, 256MB RAM, and 32MB Video RAM. The only wrinkle I can remember is a problem with the Quicktime versions 6.4 and 6.5. If you don't have patch 1.3 installed you'll want to hunt for that.

This one

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