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Weapons-02 mod for No One Lives Forever 2


Weapons list

Added: 6 Lightsabers (Bug: PV (Player View) FxED based ImpactFX's)

Added: AK-47 scope

Replaced: AK-47's fire and fireloop sounds

Replaced: Beretta with Gold .357 Magnum

Replaced: Tommygun with P90 SMG

Replaced: Sterling with Micro Uzi

Replaced: Silenced Sterling with Dual Micro Uzi's

Replaced: Micro Missile with RPG-7



Added part of Contract JACK's newer recoil system

Added quick chat keys (50 message limit per map);

F1 = Hi

Shift F1 = RE

F2 = LOL

Shift F2 = ^^

F3 = GG

Shift F3 = GG

F4 = Yes

Shift F4 = No

F5 = Be right back

Shift F5 = Back

F6 = WB

Shift F6 = TY

F7 = Sorry

Shift F7 = NP


Other keys;

F9 FPS counter (can't chat)

F10 None

F11 ScreenShot mode (no HUD (can't see chat))

F12 (Alive = 3rd person (can't shoot))(Dead = Free cam (can't chat))

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If i may, whenever i choose the lightsaber and right click it it toggles some sort of defense mode however it only lasts seconds, is it intended to do that or should it last as long as i keep holding right click??

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