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NOLF2 Handbook Information

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To begin, insert Disc 1 into your CD=ROM drive. Within a few seconds, the launch window should appear. If the launch window does not appear automatically within a reasonable amount of time, then double click the My Computer icon on your Windows desktop, then on your CD-ROM drive icon, and then on the Setup.exe Icon.


Once the launcher appears on the screen, you’ll be presented with the following options:


Install: This option will launch the InstallShied setup utility. Setup consists of a series of screens, each containing choices that you must make regarding your installation preferences. Descriptions of each screen and the choices you’ll encounter are as follows:


Welcome to NOLF2 Setup: The screen confirms that you wish to install No One Lives Forever 2. Choose NEXT to continue, or CANCEL to exit the installer.


License Agreement: Please read the End User License Agreement (EULA) before installing begins. If you agree with the terms, select YES to continue. If you do not agree, click NO.


Choose Destination Location: At this point, you’ll need to decide where setup will install the game files. For your convenience, C:\Program Files\Fox\No One Lives Forever 2 is selected by default. To install to a different folder, click browse and select the director you want, and then click OK. When ready to continue, click NEXT.


Select Program Folder: This screen determines which start menu f older will contain shortcuts to the game and other useful items. This defaults to Fox Interactive\No One Lives Forever 2. If desired, you can specify another director by clicking on the program folder field and typing in a new name of your choice, or you can choose one of the existing folders from the list. When ready to continue, click NEXT.


Setup Type: This screen allows you to choose the installation type. Click on TYPICAL or MINIMUM in the list to see a description of each type. A typical install will copy all game files (approximately 1.6GB) to your hard drive. A Minimum install will require only 1.2GB and leave the remaining files on the CD to save on hard disk space however it will have longer load times than the typical install.


You will now be prompted to install DirectX™ 8.1 to your system. If you are not 100% sure that this is already installed on your system, please select YES to this dialogue. The game cannot run without these files. If you select YES, then the DirectX installer will appear after the game installer finishes copying files. Once you have made your selection, the installer will begin copying files. Simply follow the on-screen prompts to complete the installation.



Display: This option only becomes available once installation is complete and will allow you to choose from a list of available display resolutions prior to running the game.


Options: This section contains options that can be used to turn various game features on and off and is only made available after installation is completed. These options should only be used if you encounter problems when running the game and should not be changed if everything is functioning normally. For more information, please refer to the readme.txt file located in your main installation folder.


Uninstall: This option becomes available only after the game has been installed. It allows you to easily remove the game files from your hard drive. Please note that certain installation files may become shared by other programs, so you may be prompted for confirmation before some of these files are removed. Also, you’re saved game folders will remain in case you want to reinstall at a later date.


Quit: Close the launcher application.


Play: Once installation is complete, the install option will no longer appear, and the Play option will appear instead. Click on this to launch No One Lives Forever 2. The first time you launch, you will be prompted to choose a performance setting that fits your particular system configuration. Read the descriptions of each setting and choose the one that is the closest match for your hardware. Please note that choosing a setting higher than your system can support will likely result in unsatisfactory performance.

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The Main Menu is where you start each time the game is launched, and contained the following options.


Single Player: Use this option to start a new single player game or load a previous single player saved game.


Continue Game: This loads the most recent saved or autosaved Single Player game. If there aren’t any Single Player saved game files associated with the current profile, then this item will be unavailable.


Multiplayer: Use this to host or join a multiplayer game on the internet or your LAN.


Options: This will option the game’s control panel and allow you to modify many aspects of the game such as key mappings, display settings, and game options.


Profile: No One Lives Forever 2 was designed so that multiple players can maintain their own unique settings and saved games. Use these options to create, load, or edit your own personal player profile.




New Game: This starts a new game for the current player profile. Before the game begins, you’ll be prompted to choose a difficulty level. The Normal difficulty setting is recommended for first time players. If you find that the game feels too hard or too easy to play, you can change the difficulty level at any time using the Game Options menu.


Load game: Here you can load a previously saved game. This option will be unavailable if there aren’t any save game files for the current profile. Here’s an overview of the features in this menu:


-Quick load [F9]: Loads the current quick saved game. Pressing the <F9> key will have the same effect.


-Auto save: While playing through the game, an automatic save file will be created at the beginning of each scene. This option will load the last autosaved game.


-Saved games: Lists all of the other saved games for the current profile in chronological order from the oldest down to newest unless the save file is overwritten.


Save Game: Opens the Save Game screen. This is unavailable until a game is in progress.


-Quick save [F8]: Saves the current game to the quick save file. Pressing the <[F6> key while playing has the same effect.


-Saved games: Allows you to save the current game under any name you choose. As each game is saved, it should appear in the list. The newest game will appear at the bottom of the list. When all available save slots are full, you can overwrite older games with new ones.

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Player Setup: Here’s where you can customize certain aspects of your character and connection for multiplayer games, including:


-Player Name: The name entered here will appear in all in game text that applies to this player, including chat, transmissions, score tables, and enter/exit messages. This defaults to the current profile name.


-Player Model: Allows you to choose the appearance of your character.


-Player Cooperative: No One Lives Forever 2 features cooperative multiplayer missions that allow up to 4 players to become UNITY agents working together against AI opponents in specially designed adventures that take place behind the scenes of the singleplayer game.


-Bandwidth: Provides an assortment of preset bandwidth options. The actual bandwidth for each option will appear in the Bandwidth (custom) setting below. Choose the option that is the closest match to your Internet connection type or speed. Available options are 56k, Cable, DSL, T1, and T3.


-Bandwidth (custom): Enter a custom bandwidth value here if none of the available options matches closely enough to your connection speed.


Join Internet Game: Use this to join Multiplayer sessions of No One Lives Forever 2 on the Internet. Once selected, you’ll be presented with these options.


Find Servers: Searches for active i]No One Lives Forever 2[/i] servers on the Internet. When this process is completed, the list of found servers will appear in the window below. Click on a server in the list to join that game. Note that any servers that are locked will require a password to join.


-Server Name, Ping, Players, Mission: Clicking on any of these will sort the current server list accordingly.


-Filters: Use these options to limit the servers displayed based on the game version, number of players, and ping.


Join LAN Game: Use this to find and connect to multiplayer games on your local area network. When selected, the following options will become available:


-Find Servers: Searches the LAN for active servers. When this process is completed, the list of servers on the selected Network port will appear in the window below. Click on a server in the list to join that game. Note that any servers that are locked will require a password to join.


-Network port: Allows you to change the network port search for games on. This is set to “27888” by default.


Host: Click this to configure and launch your own server for other players to join. The controls available in this section are:


-LAN Only: When On, your server will only be available on your LAN and not the Internet.


-Session name: Changes the name of your server. This is the name that will appear when other players search for games on you LAN or the Internet.


-Load Game: Brings up the load game screen.


-Campaign: Lets you modify the missions that your game will include and order in which they are played. The default campaign which includes all missions is selected by default.


--Create: Creates a new campaign under a name of your choice. This defaults to the current profile name.


--Load: Displays a list of existing campaigns. Click on any name in the list to load that particular campaign.


--Rename: Allows you to choose a new name for any existing campaign.


--Delete: Deletes the currently selected campaign.


--Missions: This is available in all campaigns except for the default campaign and opens the missions screen.


---Add: Click this to access the available list of missions. Once the list is highlighted, you can click on a mission name to add it to the list of missions that will be played in your campaign. Up to 50 missions can be added to a single campaign.


---Add All: Automatically adds all of the available missions to the campaign.


---Remove All: Removes all missions for the campaign.


---Remove: Click this to access the current list of missions in this campaign. Once the list is highlighted, you can click on a mission name to remove it.


---Loop: When set to Yes, The first mission will start again after the last mission has been completed. When No, the game will end and all clients will be disconnected when the last mission is completed.


---Lock Server: Determines if your game will require a password or not.


Password: This item is only available when Lock Server is set to On and contains the current password that all players will be required to enter before they are permitted to join your game. The password can be any sequence of letters, numbers, and other characters, but can be no longer than 15 characters total.


Network port: Allows you to change the network port to use for you game. This is set to “27888” by default.


Bandwidth: Provides an assortment of preset bandwidth options. The actual bandwidth for each option will appear in the Bandwidth (custom) setting below. Choose the option that is the closest match to your Internet connection type or speed. Available options are 56k, Cable, DSL, T1, and T3. Note that setting this option to incorrect values can have a serious impact on your server’s performance.


Game Options: These are settings that will affect gameplay on your server. The available options are:


-Max Players: Maximum number of players allowed in the game at one time.


-Friendly Fire: When set to On, players can kill each other.


-Difficulty: Determines the difficulty factor. The available difficulty settings are the same as those for singe player games.


-Player Difficulty Factor: Determines how much the game’s difficulty will increase as additional players join the game.


Launch: Starts a new hosted game using the options specified.


CD-Key: Click on this to enter a CD key. You cannot play on the Internet without first entering a valid CD-Key.


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Display: Here’s where you can modify your display resolution and other related settings, including:


-Resolution: Toggles through the available game resolutions. This list should include all the 32-bit D3D resolutions supported by your video card and monitor that are supported by the game. The default is 800x600x32.


-Hardware Cursor: Toggles the use of the hardware cursor. When enabled, the cursor will be controlled in hardware and the cursor control should feel smoother. Some older video cards do not support this feature.


-Gamma: Adjusts the gamma level to brighten the game if it’s too dark. Please note that some areas of the game are dark on purpose, and turning this option up to high may result in a washed out appearance.


Sound: All of your sound adjustments can be made in this section, which includes:


-Sound effects volume: Use this to adjust the sound volume.


-Speech volume: Use this to adjust the volume on dialog heard within the game.


-Sound effects quality: Setting this option to high will result in better quality sound, but performance may be affected on slower machines, especially during speech playback.


-Music volume: Use this to adjust the music volume.


Controls: This is where you can customize your key mappings as well as adjust your settings for the keyboard, joystick, and mouse.


-Configure Controls: Key configurations are broken down into four sections. Click on Movement, Interaction, View, or Status to view the current key mappings. If you wish to change the key that a particular function is mapped to, just click on the function you want to change and then press the key or button that you wish to use instead. If the key or button you choose is already in use by another function, then that function will become unassigned.


Mouse: To adjust how your mouse interacts with the game, use these controls:


-Always mouse look: When set to Yes, moving the mouse will move the view. When set to No, the view is controlled with the Keyboard.


-Mouse sensitivity: Determines how quickly the mouse cursor will react when the mouse is moved.


-Mouse smoothing: Adds a very slight delay to the mouse movement to smooth out sudden movements and maintain a steady view.


-Invert y axis: When set to No, moving the mouse up pitches the first-person view up and moving the mouse down pitches the view down.


-Snowmobile Turn Speed: Determines how fast the snowmobile will respond when you’re steering it with the mouse.


Keyboard: Use these settings to adjust how your keyboard will interact with the game.


-Normal turn speed: Sets the speed at which the player rotates when turning the left/right keys while standing still or sneaking.


-Fast turn speed: Sets the speed at which the view rotates when turning the light/right keys while walking at normal speed.


-Up/down look speed: Sets the speed at which the view pitches when the look up/down keys are used.


-Auto-center: The option is only available when Always mouse look in the Mouse options screen is set to No. When Auto-center is set to Yes, the view will return to horizontal when the user releases the Look Up or Look Down action.


-Snowmobile Turn Speed: Determines how fast the snowmobile will respond when you’re steering it with the keyboard.


Use Joystick/Gamepad: This option is only available if a joystick or other controller is detected. When set to Yes, the Configure Joystick/Gamepad option is set to Yes, then you can use these settings to modify how your joystick’s features will be used.


-Restore defaults: Restores all control options to their default values.


Game: Here you’ll find a variety of settings that will affect how the game is played.


-Crosshair: Displays options for modifying the appearance of the crosshair, including:


--Red/Green/Blue: Use these options together to customize the color of the crosshair.


--Dynamic Scaling: When turned on, the crosshair will automatically increase and decrease as you move to indicate how much movements will affect your aim.


--Style: Toggles between several different crosshair styles.


-Subtitles: When turned On, all in-game dialogue will be displayed as subtitles at the bottom of the screen.


-Blood: When set to Off, blood will not be displayed when human characters are damaged. This is On buy default.


-Always Run: When set to No, the player’s movement will be default to Sneak. This is set to Yes by default.


-Difficulty: Allows you to change the difficult setting of the single player game in progress.


-Head bob: Adjusts the simulated head movement when running, sneaking, or crouching.


-Weapon sway: Adjusts the amount of simulated hand movement when running, sneaking or crawling.


-Message duration: Sets the amount of time that messages related to picking up items remain on the screen.


Performance: This menu will help you to optimize performance on your particular computer configuration as follows:


-Performance: Toggles between various presets and user created performance configuration settings as follows. Once you change a setting manually, this option will change to indicate a custom configuration.


--Low Detail: Optimal performance, but with minimal display options turned on.


--Medium Detail: A good compromise between performance and visual quality, but many cause slowdowns on low-end machines.


--High Detail: All display options turned on or at high levels, only recommended for systems that exceed the recommended requirements.


-Displays: Allows you to turn certain display options on or off to tweak performance as follows:


--Shadows: Sets the detail level on model shadows. Note that setting shadow detail to high is only recommended for high performance machines.


--Polygrid Bump Mapping: Enables or disables environment bump mapping on water. When turned on, water surfaces will look much more realistic.


--Polygrid Fresnel: Enables or disables use of fresnel on water. When turned on, water reflectivity will be more accurate and look more realistic.


--Environment Bump Mapping: When enabled, many surfaces and reflections will look more detailed.


--Anistropic Filtering: This mode will handle the filtering of polygons tilted away from the player more accurately when it’s turned on.


--Trilinear Filtering: Improves texture quality at distances but costs a slight performance penalty.


--Environment Map: When on, a shiny, semi-reflective layer will appear on certain surfaces that shifts with your viewing angle.


--Detail Textures: When on, minute grayscale patterns are added to some textures.


--Triple buffering: When on, this stores an extra rendered frame in the frame buffer for smoother playback. If this is not available on your video card, it will be unavailable.


-Special Effects: Controls the amount of detail in effects such as explosions, debris, and weapon impacts.


-Texture Resolution: Adjusts the resolution of game textures. Low resolution provides better performance. High resolution provides better quality graphics.





Unmappable Controls





Pause Game:<Pause>


Movement Controls



Step Left:S

Step Right:D

Turn Left:Left Arrow

Turn Right:Right Arrow

Sidestep (strafe):Left Alt

Sneak:Left Shift



Turn Around:Backspace

Lean left:Q

Lean Right:E

Toggle Sneak:Caps Lock

Toggle Crouch:Left Ctrl



Fire:Left Mouse Button

Action:Enter, Right Mouse Button

Reload: R

Change Function:F

Next weapon: [, Mouse Wheel Up

Previous Weapon: ], Mouse Wheel Down

Holster Weapon: H

Last Weapon: X

Move Body: G

Keychain Light: L



Look Up: Up Arrow

Look Down: Down Arrow

Center View: End

Zoom: Z



Equipment: M

Inventory: N

Intelligence: I

Player Status: P

Mission Status: Tab


Radio: V

Talk: T

Team Talk: Y

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Melee Weapons


The Katana is a Japanese sword that can be liberated from Ninjas. Fast, deadly, and quiet.


Cate’s eye shadow doubles as a non-lethal Taser, useful for temporarily rendering bad guys unconscious at close range. Its nonthreatening appearance allows her to wield it in public places without arousing suspicion. However, the Taser must recharge between uses.


Stealth Weapons


Bear traps can be found in Siberia and are a painful way to hold an enemy in place for a short time. Thread lightly after setting a trap, though, as Cate can get caught too!


Shuriken are Japanese throwing stars that are quiet and very effective when used correctly. These are also good for creating distractions.


For situations that necessitate subtlety over raw power, the Vindicator Sportsman’s Crossbow is the ideal choice. Four different bolt types are available, including Normal, Fire, Poison, and Explosive. A scope is also available for long range shots.




The McAllister .32 Automatic Handgun is a highly versatile .32 caliber pistol that can be fitted with a silencer. It accommodates FMJ and cyanide rounds.


The CT-180 Utility Launcher is the most versatile tool in the UNITY arsenal. It accommodates several different ammunition types, each perfectly suited to a particular task, such as Tranquilizer darts and Camera disablers.


Heavy Weapons


The AK-47 Assault Rifle is a standard issue Soviet bloc assault rifle known for its ruggedness and reliability. It is also the only weapon that can handle phosphorous rounds. Only 7.62x39 caliber ammo can be used with this weapon.


Gordon 9mm Submachineguns are popular among villains due to their rugged dependency and stylish design. Standard 9mm FMJ rounds are the only ammo type that can be used with this weapon.


A high-powered, bolt action rifle, the RFA Series-4 Bolt-action Rifle is an effective sniper’s weapon. It uses .308 caliber FMJ rounds, features an intergraded scope and can be fitted with a silencer.



Toss a Sleeping Gas Grenade into a crowd and its lights out for the band guys. Try not to be around when they wake up.


Stun Grenades: Blind and deafen anyone unfortunate enough to be around when they go off. The effect is temporary, however.


Explosives can be placed on specific targets. Cate will automatically set the timers on these so that they don’t go off before they need to. While these are primarily used for sabotage or to create diversions, they can also be quite deadly for anyone caught nearby.


Hand Grenades will explode after a specific amount of time, killing or severely injuring anyone within range.



Santa has improved upon old designs and created several entirely new gadgets to help Cate succeed in tricky situations.


The Coin may not be Cate’s most sophisticated device, but it certainly comes in handy when a quick distraction is needed.


The Compact is a cleverly disguised code breaker that can be used to decipher messages and bypass security devices. To use, hold down the Fire key until the code is broken.


Locked doors and padlocks are no match for the lockpick, which was designed to resemble a common Fingernail Clipper. To use, hold down the Fire key until the lock is picked.


The Hairspray can be converted into a miniature welder, capable of cutting through miniature welder, capable of cutting through combination locks and other door hinges. To use, hold down the Fire key until the lock has been welded option.


Cate’s Lipstick is actually a carefully concealed spy camera.




Ammunition boxes can hold any type of ammo for all weapons and gadgets. When you active an ammunition box, its contents are added to your inventory. If you are already at full capacity for one or more of the ammo types contained in the box, then the extra ammo will remain in the box. Once the box is completely empty, it will disappear.


Bandages restore 10 health when activated. Once the player’s health is at its maximum, these will no longer have any effect.


The First Aid Kit works exactly like Bandages, except that they restore 25 health when activated.


An Armor Pad increases your armor rating by 10 points. In combat, your health does not begin to degrade until your armor is completely gone, except in the case of certain types of damage, such as falling, freezing, poison, etc.


Body Armor is similar to an Armor Pad except it adds 25 points to your armor rating.





Ninjas: An elite squad of Japanese assassins whose only goal is to eliminate Cate. They fight with katanas and shuriken, leap onto rooftops, and can disappear in puffs of smoke.


H.A.R.M. guards: The evil organization’s cannon fodder. While generally more interested in their own petty affairs than anything else, they will gladly show Cate to her grave if they catch her.



H.A.R.M. guards (India): Much like their western counterparts, except many of them choose to fight with Tulwars instead of machine guns.



Mimes: Pasty-faced assassins toting 1920s era machine guns. They are also strangely resistant to weapon fire. Worst of all, they like to incorporate their mime moves into everything they do, even when fighting with Cate. Sacre bleu!



Soviet Soldiers: Underutilized and bored, Soviet Soldiers go about their dreary business in Siberia, completely unaware of the mischief Cate is committing right under their noses. If they detect Cate, they are sure to call in reinforcements.

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All of this info should be included on the site. We could have Topics: General NOLF2> Guns For the first part. And then break this info down into bunches of pages. specool.gif Good job Nova. Remember, If you need any pictures from the actual book, i have a scanner you can use.

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I'd like to have the actual pictures tongue.gif


But it's to bad I can't post all the images onto the page, I'd have to give the link, then you'd have to click it.

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no u can post the pix...nova i wouldnt worry too much about the money and storage space problem here...e1 and bella have it under control...and if they ever need money...they know just to ask wink.gif


we got them covered

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