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NOLF 1 at E3 1999... Adam Church?

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I don't know if this has been probably talked before, but does any one of you, aside from the very few First Person Shooter screenshots, have the footage of the original NOLF1's protagonist, Adam Church's portrait or a preview of him? Because I have never seen him, but aside from the screenshots, it's reported that there's an early video footage of NOLF1, which at first didn't have Cate Archer at all, but the male protagonist called Adam Church. I wonder if anyone of you has the footage that I requested to see. It was shown during E3 1999. Well, your help is much appreciated.

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A little research as to why the game wasn't made with the Adam Church character perhaps.

Seems MGM didn't want the game made how it was going to be originally.








Might be the reason the Adam Church character was scrapped in favour of Cate Archer

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It seems MGM have always been evil. If the character's name is Adam Church, then what has it got anything to do with James Bond? There were lots of Eurospy films in the 1960s that imitated the James Bond genre and parodied it. One of the biggest examples being Our Man Flint, or OSS 117, or Agent 077 trilogy. It's like MGM wanted to pick on Monolith for trying to outshine their Bond franchise. That's evil. But, that turn out to be good in having the Indomitable Cate Archer in the leading role. Here's me hoping we could see Mr. Adam Church as a secondary character in a future NOLF game if any gets to be made.


Thanks, Eliteone.

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Fascinating stuff.

Turned out for the best in the end with Cate as the lead character.

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