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Potential NOLF 3 story idea?

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Greetings again, mates.


Sorry about my long-time absence. So, here's what I've been thinking about. Remember when NOLF 1 at first was going to feature a male character called Adam Church? Well, I never saw any footage of the original development, nor the main character. But, here's what I've come up with. Remember the original blurb?


Monolith Productions has launched a preview website for their upcoming first person shooter, No One Lives Forever. The game, which was announced at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo, is a first-person shooter reminiscent of a James Bond movie. The game revolves around Adam Church, a special agent for MI-Zero an ultra secret group operating under the authority of Great Britain's Secret Service. Church's mission is to help aid in the defection of an East German biophysicist named Otto Dentz. Church's mission goes awry when the defector is abducted by a terrorist group operating under the name HARM. This unknown group and its motives for kidnapping Dentz are unknown, and Church finds himself in the midst of perplexing puzzle as he attempts to find him.



Remember Adam Church was an agent of MI0 instead of UNITY? Well, we could use that name to rebuild a deeper storyline. What if, this time, Cate Archer wouldn't be the protagonist of the NOLF 3 game, and instead a newcomer called Adam Church (in my imagination, closely modeled after Sean Connery's James Bond) has been recruited. After the abduction of Cate Archer and the destruction of UNITY, with only a few members surviving the blast (Bruno and Mr Jones most definitely), they start a secret intelligence society under the codename "MI0". Don't worry, UNITY comes back in the end, but MI0 serves as a secondary codename for the agency, just like MI6 is to SIS (Secret Intelligence Service). So, what if Danger Danger has been bought in by HARM and they build a lot bigger and a lot more dangerous threat to the world's security? Something that even Cate Archer isn't able to prevent? That's why Adam Church is here. Both join each other's forces when Adam rescues Cate from captivity and they both go to take down HARM for once and for all.


Thanks for reading. It would be interesting to hear about your suggestions.

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