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Playing GOTY for the first time

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I have not played Nolf 1 probably since 2001 2002 (single player that is). I installed the iso cd's and they work great, no problem except for the odd mouse movement where it appears that it will do a complete spin around, still not bad installed on a 64 bit system...anyways I forgot what a great game this is, the story is interesting and game play not bad for being 13 years old. I'm stuck right now where the fat lady is chasing me while I'm trying to zap her when she is trying to turn back on her radio. I'm not as fast as I was 13 years ago...getting old I guess. All I can say is I'm having as much fun or more fun as playing a modern FPS such as BioShock Infinite or Far Cry 3...Its a blast....Thanks for taking me back in time!

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The mouse problem I'm told can be fixed sometimes by turning off the hardware acceleration for the mouse.

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