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Before this becomes all about politics and stuff, let me try to set the mood with this.


user posted image

(sculpture by Cirque de Pepin)


We've all learned about past art movements in school, but I was wondering what's going on right now. When I lived in Rotterdam, there was a lot to do there about a group called the artoonists. As the name suggests, artists who are very much influenced by cartoons. Much of it is somewhere between art and graphic design. Here are some examples. Some of their stuff is reminiscent of Jeff Koons and pop art, and Dadara is clearly related. It's not just in Holland, the same kind of phenomenon can be witnessed in Japan, for example.


So what do you think about it? Interesting? Been done? Do you see similar things where you live? Do you see different trends? Discuss. smile.gif

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Interesting piece of work... Mixing "images d'Epinal" (french traditional pictures for children - end of the 19th century) with manga-like characters is original, and the result is nice.


I like this mix of old and new imagery. Culture for the masses, at two different periods, put together. Niiiice!

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