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Time to shake things up.............

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Did that title worry you a bit?




Got your attention?


Great here's the deal.


I wanted to change up the map rotation on the DD and DM servers and I need your input to do so.


Post your favourite maps in your replies and let's change the server scenery :)


If I can get enough responses we can get things changed up for this weekend.



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- Leaving Los Alamos

- Cable Car Station



awesome suggestions.

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  • 2 weeks later...

So should I just add all the maps in the mappacks to the rotations then?

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I only seem to play DD these days, so here is my twopenneth for DD...





Violence in the villa

More violence








cant think of anymore good ones


can we definitely leave out:-


Sunset Showdown

Brutal in Brussels

The Pad

Mutiny on mars


(it will save Pepp having to keep changing maps ;) )

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