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DEdit help wanted !!

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hello everyone !

i am currently playing around with the nolf 1 tools and i was wondering whether anyone of the old mappers / modders is still around ...

my special interest is into the AI, id like to know whether its possible to spawn AI via a button / switch.

is there anyone who can help me on this ?

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problem solved :)
i figured how to spawn AI with triggers and switches which is not the way its meaned to be done but it worx :) also its possible to respawn after death via trigger messages.
now there is another problem, the AI is not able to focus on different players - the server returns an error message like:
"warning - more than 1 object named player present"
is there anyone who knows a way to fix this ? i dont have any c++ knowledge so its tough for me to figure out how the game addresses players.
any help would be appreciated

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