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Alot of factors determine playable in any online game server be it Nolf 2, Counterstrike, Call of Duty etc.


They are:


1. Client's upload speed (main cause of lag) 3.5MBPS download won't do much if your upload is 512k


2. Average pings of the players in the server (example a player on dial-up can draw the average ping up which is critical in nolf 2 servers)


3. Client's Hardware. I've seen many a player with a ping under 100 all of a sudden make an outburst in game of "LAGGGGGG" only to find out he/she has a older PC with a older video card.


4. Game Settings If you have choppy gameplay etc. lower the settings in the game options.




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3.5MBPS download won't do much if your upload is 512k


Unfortunately it's almost impossible to get more than 512k for upload, and for most of the people I know it's more often 128k or 256k. Dedicated lines with 1MB dl / 1MB ul (or more) cost quite a lot and are generaly reserved to professionals sad.gif


By the way, Elite, what would you advise regarding the bandwidth settings for NOLF2? My connection is DSL 2MB / 256k (if I remember well) and I've set NOLF2 to DSL 128k, in order to send as few informations as possible for every game cycle. Is that OK, or should I set it to 256, or more? Thanks in advance smile.gif

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that guideline applies though.


obviously a typical broadband or DSL connection is sufficent to play multiplayer games.


Dial up on the other hand expect high pings and excessive lag (hence the term courage pingers for dial up users)

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My upload is 385 kbps (3072 kbps down) but i use 256 kbps in the game and it works fine (ping is 100 :-/).



Whats the different?:


DSL (High) 256kbps

Cable 256kbps





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