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UFOs and our goverment

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Does anyone here believe in the existence of ufos?And if so do you think our government knows more about them then they are willing to share with the american people and the rest of the world? I do.I have been fascinated with the subject for about 12 years now,and wanted to know what you guys think.Is it real? Or is it a bunch of BS? Please keep the "giggle factor" to a minimum.Dont get me wrong here,I dont believe most of what i hear and think there are a lot of quacks out there.But some of the evidence and witness testimony is pretty compelling.

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I think it's certainly possible that the government has had contact of some sort with extra terrestrial race. At least one former employee of Area 51 has discussed the reverse engineering of anti-gravity propulsion technology from downed alien spacecraft. My hope is that if it's true, the government isn't somehow victimizing exploratory alien races for their technology; and that if we do have a relationship with another civilization, that it's a friendly one.

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I think Area 51 is a test field for new military aircraft and that they secretly love the whole UFO conspiracy theory because it is an excuse when people see the new planes. I also don't think we've encountered any intelligent life forms - it would just be too big and important a thing to hide from the world, in my opinion.


That said I do think there's intelligent life somewhere out there and that we'll find it someday.

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I do believe in UFO: s and aliens! And i believe on life on other planets cause it would be ridicolus to think anything else, cause the universe is big..Its not sure that we'll ever find this life because it might be so far away..I personally think that somewhere in the galaxy there is life like it is on earth with creatures not too different from us..It would be cool to get some proof of this..I read the news paper a few days ago and they talked about UFO: s and people had taken some photos of strange things in the air..It sure looked like something from space.

I heard a long time ago that the US govermernt found some crashed ufo..

I dunno if its true? And to Maris post...You said that you think its the goverment trying out new planes ? I dont because people saw these things in the sky before we even had planes..So it must be something blink.gif Maybe we'll find out someday! I hope so...


The truth is out there biggrin.gif

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