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Questions about Volkov/Bruno/Smith/Tom (Spoilers)

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These questions have been bugging me for a long time and I can't figure out a good explanation:


In Morocco, how did Bruno know that Volkov wasn't going to succeed in kiling him and still pull off what he wanted to do, "dissappear for awhile"?


When Volkov appears to have apprehended Tom in the scene after Cate cracks the Baron's safe, why does Tom still try to save Cate and why does Volkov shoot (or pretend to shoot?) Tom and have him dissappear as well? Was Volkov tired of Tom's failures or did Tom also want to "dissappear"? They are on the same side, after all, so why didn't they just both try to kill Cate?


When Cate apprehends Tom in the "graveyard", why does Smith shoot Tom instead of Cate? Was he also fed up with Tom's failures and he thought he could kill Cate afterwards? I'd still think Cate would come as a priority over Tom to Smith.


Oh yeah, and why on earth would the Baroness blow herself up? I could see why she blew up her husband seeing as she didn't really like him and probably wanted total control over his money and Dumas Enterprises, but she didn't exactly seem depressed enough to kill herself and seemed pretty determined to conquer the world. Did she just drug herself on the spot, when she knew she had failed and that Cate was coming (or even when she was there)?

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