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A Man Of Influence "Avoid Detection"?

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Whenever I complete the whole mission (all 3 scenes), the "Avoid Detection" objective is always unchecked. What do you have to do to fullfill it?

I'm guessing this might have something to do with it though: In Scene 1, after finding the evidence you need in the Baron's Private Office, I would usually just go right back to the front desk to finish the scene, but apparently closing and putting everything back to the way you found it will check a hidden objective "leave everything as you found it". After that, another objective will appear to "Turn the alarm system back on" but whenever I try to use the lever I used to turn it off in the first place, nothing happens. Is this a bug or is there something that I'm missing? Why are you allowed to even finish the mission without completeing the "leave everything as you found it" objective in the first place?

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