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AI not respawning and walking through closed door

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I have an created an AI. It's a robot.

It moves nicely between two patrol nodes, in a volume that's linked to a region.

And it shoots at me very nicely.


it moves straight though the door it's behind! Any ideas? (reducing the size is not an option - it has to move through when it's open)



Also, I want my AI to respawn after it dies. I've tried the solution mentioned here, but it doesn't seem to be working. Is there any other way I can do this? Am I doing something wrong?




I've now set it up as follows:


for the first spawn, a trigger (set to trigger only once) leading to a spawner which spawns the CAIhuman for the first time


then, when it dies, it sends a message to a second trigger (set to trigger more often) leading to a spawner wich spawns it again


the problem I have now is that the second trigger, for the respawn, is set with a senddelay. But the senddelay doesn't work. As soon as the AI dies, when it's still doing its death animation, the new one spawns already causing a conflict and a crash.


Any ideas on what could cause the senddelay not to work?


(btw - I've solved the walking through the door problem by starting the AIvolume disabled and then letting the door send an enable message when it opens and a disable message when it closes smile.gif )

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