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hey all, i guess ill start a new map , but i would like to here from you guys,

for ideas ..themes or anything you would like to see in it...

im trying to finish this 1 map, but its a bit slow moving around in the editor(witch is not good)

and takes too long to process, slowing progress to the point of boredom...

any way..let me know what you guys wanna see for the next map..

and i will steel all your ideas and not use them anyway...lol ( just kidding) and, thanks.....


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Put motorcycles in it lol

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I'd like to play KHIOS, is it called that way? The castle on the rocks...?

Anyway it should not be too large.




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The maps which give the best games seem to have three distinct areas,


1) your defensive area where the machine is, with only one or two defendable points.

2) a middle area where the core is and other goodies, to enable a good "core rush" battle.

3) the offensive area which is a replication of your defensive area.


The best games we have tend to be, in the smaller maps AA, Japan, Bolly & Calcutta, in the larger maps Unity, Siberia.


In my view the Pad, Trailer Park, fails because they haven't got the three sections and

Mars, Brussels and some of the other big maps don't have a good playable middle section.


The one with the submarine in...I can't make up my mind about.


Fun things to do are good, but the map must provide good tactics first.


Good luck (I wish I was that clever).

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