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Ok, I've heard of Team Speak, and kinda know what it is, but could use some more enlightenment. I now it allows you to use a microphone to speak to other players, and you can hear their voices, but what if you ahve no microphone? Will it just not work, or can you just hear their voices. I saw where you can download it, but you so you have to sign up with anybody to get it or anything like that?

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You can still listen to the other people even if you don't have a Microphone.


Uhhh I didn't have to sign up for anything...I just downloaded it w/o doing anything but clicking the buttons.

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I connected to teamspeak on the FF5 vs SFI match but the team says i make a sound like a truck laugh.gif , like rrr rrr rrr rrr rrr

So i disconnected

Are ther any special settings to do?? or is maybe my sound-chip defective??

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I doubt that. It sounds like you are sending feedback through your mic. It's adviseable to only use headphones when using teamspeak. I don't know if that's the problem or not, but I hope that helps.

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