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Cutscenes, OBS...

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Hey folks.  I played through NOLF and NOLF 2 recently.  Enjoyed them immensely.  I also streamed this gameplay.  I ran into some issues and would like advice on these issues, especially the first game; NOLF 2's biggest issue (texture weirdness/crashing) was fixable/not too bad after Siberia.  

Running Windows 7.  

The cutscenes played too fast; running the game on a modern PC causes the framerate to be too high.  K.  No problem; I had the same issue when I first tried to play Deus Ex a year ago.  Articles on the web confirmed; cap it to 60 fps and things'll be fine.  Cool.  Couldn't find an ingame way to do this; no config file to edie, nor an ini.  Tried the autoexec.  Nothing in there I could see.  Ultimately, I enabled vsync in Nvidia Control Panel.  This solved the cutscene issue.  Is there a way to cap the framerate in game so I don't have to always remember to turn off vsync when I want to play any other game?  Plus, the vsync fix does not work when I run the game in Windows mode.  Incidentally; I got the game from the NOLF revival page.   It's the Game of the Year edition, I believe it's already patched.  

There was also the issue that I could not use Game Capture in OBS; I had to use Display Capture.  I doubt there's a fix here, but thought I'd throw that one out.  

Probably the thing I most want help with is the flashing, strobelike effect that comes across on the stream when I am in a menu or die and get the load options.  This doesn't happen in the game itself; my game looks fine; it's the stream that's messed up.  

You can see the effect here at 23:17 (don't know how to copy a twitch link with the timestamp the way you can on YouTube).


Thanks for your time.  



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Depending on your video card you could cap the framerate using the control software for it. 

Unfortunately we have no control over the versions over on the other revival site. Have you contacted their support staff? 

We have added the DGVoodoo to our particular build of NOLF we offer here (The GOTY edition) 

As far as the stream not sure if someone at Twitch support would have any ideas as these are pretty old games. 

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Well, I installed Nvidia Inspector, which allowed me to cap the framerate (in the revival version and the one I downloaded from UnityHQ), which  was nice, but now I can't stream it because of sudden network issues.  This only happens with NOLF; has never happened in two+ years of streaming.  Darn.

What is DGVoodoo?

I doubt twitch matters here; OBS (the program I use to stream) is the more likely culprit.  

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