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Death in a Box

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Hello people, just letting you know that I am setting up times where hopefully everyone will come and participate in some awesome TDM! There is a unityhq server running in the TDM section, with a max of twelve people. The first time I am calling for people to come and have fun is Tuesday, June 28, at nine PM eastern time. Hope you all show up! Well, at least enough of you to fill twelve slots. biggrin.gif


If enough people come, I'll set up another date for everyone to come too. Hopefully it will start to be filled on its own like DD!! laugh.gif

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Shoot, I screwed up. Forgot that 9 PM eastern is an hour ahead of me, so when I was there, nobody was there :_(


Anyways, lets do it again tomorrow, at ten PM eastern time. If this time is at a bad time for too many people, we can always do it at like 11 AM eastern time.


Anyways, ten PM eastern time tomorrow, which is Thursday by the way. Be there!

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Alright, you should been there to day people. Today the SFI DM server wasn't up, so everyone went to TDM! And what else is awesome, is that almost everyone worked as a team! It was so much fun!


Therefore, I am going to make the strangest request ever! I am requesting that the SFI DM server always stays down! So that everyone will come to TDM! Yeah!!


Can we please ALWAYS keep FF on the TDM server? That really adds to it. And also, can we make using glitches to your advantage a banning offense? Because today in the Japan level, Tommy-Ramone/Mr. Killer used the glitch where you can *stand* up under the sidewalk, so yo ucan shoot people, but to them you are still ducked. He did this for about half the game. Got just a bit irritating...


Also, can the time limit on the levels be put up a bit? Those levels fly by SO fast; we just don't get enough time to get a good 'base' with traps and stuff going.


Thanks for moving the UNITYHQ server back to TDM too E1...so makes my day...

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