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Does any remember the Ubisoft-produced mindblowing XIII video game released in 2003, based on the Belgian comic book series of the same name where the hero has an amnesia to overpower and recover the truth behind a conspiracy he was involved in. General Carrington, loses his best agent, Steve Rowland, in the service who was killed in the hands of Mongoose, a member of The "XX" Society, then the military officer had no choice but to bring his other agent, Jason Fly into re-evaluation training and send him to restructure his facial plastic surgery in order to take Rowland's identity and take out his own enemies. Fly was also aided by a female acquaintance, Major Lauren Jones. The story's mcguffin is somewhat similar to Robert Ludlum's book, The Bourne Identity, but takes on fantasy-based James Bond-like adventures and elements, such as infiltrating military bases, submarines, and even resembles some of the best 1980s action films. The gameplay is very unique, old fashioned, stealthy, yet action-packed if needed, and has very splendid graphics that are modeled after the comic book formula. Its narrative is also great, not to mention, that awesome soundtrack which no game had done it better, in my opinion, feels really catchy. Overall, I rate the game 5 out of 5.


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Yes, I remember XIII and it was an awesome game. I actually bought it again a few years back. I heard they remade XIII but instead of making another FPS, they've turned it into a point-and-click adventure game for the iPhone and iPad back in 2011. It would be awesome if they made another XIII FPS game. I would definitely go out and buy it. Sadly, the way companies are stictly about the bottom line in this current COD (Call of Duty) era, if a game doesn't sell millions upon millions of copies, games like XIII will never see the light of day.

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Well, I myself don't considerthe side-scroll version sequel of the game called XIII ²: Covert Identity by Gameloft really a sequel, because it was released for cellphones, not major gaming platforms. Then, in 2011, XIII: Lost Identity was released for the Apple products; Mac, iPhone and iPad, and was later ported to Microsoft Windows somehow, and like you said, it's not a Shooter game, but rather point-and-click adventure game, I never touched it, because that wasn't a true sequel to the original game either, don't care if they exist or not. And as for the COD series and its clones, I myself hate them for being developed for noobs, not gamers. Regenerating health, QTEs, First-Person cutscenes, scripted AIs, aim-down sights, limited gameplay, pointless stories. That is what Call of Duty and Battlefield 3 clones are.Well, those products are not games, those are interactive movies developed by untalented people (Activision under Bobby Kotick, Electronic Arts post-John Riccitello era) who have no idea what a real video game is. Thank God we still have Rockstar Games and Valve going old school hardcore without selling out. I'd say Ubisoft should join them and resurrect their reputation, Splinter Cell: Conviction was a godawful game, COD in Third-Person, in other words. Let's hope the gaming would crash sooner than later.

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I played this game a long ago, splendid storyline and awesome gameplay, additionally, the soundtrack was amazing. Shame they never made a sequel to this game, it offered us a sequel but never even developed any game related to the project. I also have the comic book series to this franchise, and I love it.

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