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Cate Archer and James Bond... Fanmade Game...

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This is not an official game, just a GTA San Andreas mod I'm working on, honouring the old fashioned shooter video games and the classic 1960s espionage media. The video game is titled Honour Among Spies featuring James Bond (Sean Connery) and Cate Archer (Jean Shrimpton, NOLF 2) in the leading roles. The game itself is set in an-open world 1960s, set around many exotic locations with massively action-packed levels. You can also be able to drive vehicles, most of them are gadget-laden, with the iconic Vespa motorbike and the classy Aston Martin DB5 returning. These are the screenshots below:

295605_132564526923422_193023746_n.jpg578399_132569993589542_519131531_n.jpg602153_132571270256081_1034787465_n.jpg559778_132795683566973_672430403_n.jpg546245_513522418678894_1849855940_n.jpg554125_143667569146451_1524296744_n.jpgNote: The video game is still in development, and soon will be released as a free downloadable data. I've always dreamed about James Bond and Cate Archer teaming up, so, I think it's fair enough for me to make my own dream come true. So, here they are.


Here's a promotional poster:

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