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Who has the rights to NOLF? No one seems to know.

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http://oneofswords.com/2013/04/one-of-swords-tv-no-one-lives-forever-rights/ (via BluesNews)


Apparently the game rights have fallen through the cracks. The good news is that if Activision had the rights they would reissue the games. Where the rights actually are does seem apropo of a spy game...

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reminds me of the post I just made about the Jedi Knight series. There with the closure of LucasArts the maker of the games decided to release the source code for the games so modders could keep the games going.


NOLF is a unique one with Sierra being defunct and Vendi Universal being absorbed by Acitvision. I believe though Monolith still retains rights to some of the character names.

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with Sierra being defunct and Vendi Universal being absorbed by Acitvision.


A minor correction there. Vivendi bought Activision, it still owns 52% of the new ActivisionBlizzard (the rest being traded on the stock market and owned by various parties). It was sold as a merger, though, for various PR related reasons, so no wonder there's confusion about that. It's now organised as a small management at the top supervising two big divisions, the Activision part and the Blizzard part. The Activision part consists of the former Activision plus all the non-Blizzard stuff that Vivendri brought in, which includes the former Sierra properties. So logically the NOLF rights should be somewhere in that part of the company unless someone sold it off/took it home without telling anyone.

Apparently there were a few trademark rights that expired recently as well, probably as a result of the fact that no one knows who owns the thing so no use paying for trademarks either. Some more tiny tidbits of info came up in the comments at Rockpapershotgun.

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