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The theory says it's possible to get a virus through almost any existing port. Practically, not all of them are used. So, if your question is just "is it possible", the answer's yes. If you also wanna know if there is a known virus that actually uses this very port, the answer's no, or at least not yet (I've checked Google and a few other sites).


P.S., this would fit better in the Tech section. wink.gif

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I agree ! Lots of people here so we could get two really good servers! The server thats up for the moment by SFI is way too laggy, i dont think thats the one you had before is it? Because that one was good...People still play this game and new players still coming in so we need servers!




There is always the risk when hosting a gameserver that you could be attacked. You should host on a machine that if it gets attacked and messed up won't bother you or affect any vital data.

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You scare me!

I'm hosting from my normal PC on wich I 'work' and stuff :o:unsure::(

But ZoneAlarm and AVG Anti-Virus is always on, though.. :huh:

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You shoud be more worried for spyware and hackers.



That falls under the "attacked" I mentioned above ;)

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Think of your computer as your Home...........In your Home you have windows and doors (ports), Most of these windows and doors have screens(firewalls/AV).................... Now think of spyware,malware and viruses as bugs.........Knock Knock...............open the door and see who it is :)

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