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Loading custom textures/renderstyles

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Apologies if this topic is in the wrong section I couldn't find the right section, feel free to move to it.

Anyway, I need help loading custom textures via command-line parameters and by this I mean "-rez". I have tried using this like: "-rez Game -rez Rndfile.rez" but it doesn't seem to be working (I can not see the textures in-game).

Ah, and btw the Game folder already has the same file but I am just trying to 'over-write' it with my own textures.

Oh and it HAS to be done via command-line.

Any help is appreciated.

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I'll steer one of the mappers to this thread for you.

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Just a guess, make sure the custom texture has the same name as the original and is in the same folder "in the same location" as the original. Make sure the -rez is the last one loaded so it will overwrite any other -rez loaded, and make sure you arent exceding the rez limit which is 6 or 8, dont remember. Thats all I can think of.

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