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Serious framerate issues.

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I used to play NOLF 1 at my older computer, then I switched to this "new" computer around 2007 and never played NOLF anymore. I installed windows 8 recently and found at a local store NOLF 1 GOTY and 2 veeery cheap(around $25, they came bundled). NOLF 2 works just fine but in NOLF 1 I get fps around 25 and playing at low graphics with an 800x600 resolution, and whenever something in the hud shows up(like switching weapons, messages from pick-ups, etc) my fps goes down to 10. Any solution? I really want to play NOLF.

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What is the make/model of your video card?

What is the driver version?

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Are you using it on Windows 8 by chance?

I ran it on my Windows 8 and capped at 30FPS

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You can try it in Windowed mode or grab the Voodoo mod on the downloads and try the video settings in it. 



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