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My DCD/CD drive has gone Screwy

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Ok I will try to be as clear as possible, but I am at a loss.


Ok to in the spirit of having seen STAR WARS III, I went to my local FYE store in the city and purchased the DVD set for IV/V/VI. So I played my 1 hour of NOLF last night and feel like watching VI. As my wife is watching some reality nonsense, I figure I'll just pop the DVD in my DVD/CD drive and away we go. So I ipen the tray put in the DVD and .................nothing!!!! The light is not going on in my D drive so its not reading the disk. So then I click on my computer's DVD viewer and................................nothing! Just the friendly old hourglass..we are officially frozen.


So i have to hard boot, and bring everything back up again.....I hard boot....everything is Slooooooooooooooooooooow. And here is the kicker. The small icon of a CD (inplace of the hourglass) intermitintly keeps flickering next to my arrow. Nothing is loading right. MSN is not responding. Explorer is not responding, I yell at my dog...no response...sigh...WTF just happened?


So my puter keeps freezing up. I try to do a System Restore back dating a week, reboot....same thing.


So finally I reboot my computer for the 6th time, and I get everything up (after a loooong load time) to my desktop.


Everything seems to be working. The problem in my D drive still persists. I try and click on the file D: drive from my start menu, but that just brings back the old CD icon flickering next to my arrow, and screws everything up again.


DID StarWars VI corrupt my D: drive?


Anyhow I will contact Dell tonight to see what the heck happened as the drive is still not working or reading any disk I put in there.



Any thoughts?

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GO into device manager and disable the drive then reboot. See if that speeds up your boot time. However if your system in under warranty companies like Dell will replace a defective drive.

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It can be one of those fancy dvd protections who install a little program to your HD if you have autorun on. I don't know much about copy protections so correct me if I'm wrong.

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I don't think it has anything to do with the DVD. My first thought is that it could be the power supply conking out...although this does sound like a software problem, but I'm thinking that a system restore would've alleviated it...Do you have a Knoppix distro lying around? That would help you test your computer's hardware independently of Windows...It's always good to sweep for spyware/viruses too, they can cause these sorts of problems as well. It's hard to believe that a failing DVD drive could cause a cascading failure in the operating system components, but like EliteOne says, go into Device Manager where you can disable the drive (but before you do that, look to see if it says "this device is working properly"). Sorry if I've over-complicated things sad.gif

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However if your system in under warranty companies like Dell will replace a defective drive.


Yep after 1.5 hours on the phone with Dell Tech support, they are shooting me out a new drive muy pronto.


thx for the help all

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I had a second hard disk installed on my computer, but it was defective after we had it for about 6 months, which meant we didnt get a refund sad.gif But my computer was running very slow at start-up and running the scandisk thing everytime you started it. So that just goes to show that if you have bad hardware, your computer will run slow to try and get data to that hardware. smile.gif

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Woops, I've never heard of any hard disks manufacturer that wouldn't exchange a defective one after only 6 months. If you got the disk via a shop that didn't wanna change it, you should have tried to use the manufacturer's warranty. Usually, it's between one and three years. This warranty is not void by the seller's one, which is always shorter. If you buy, say, a Seagate HD sold by Dell, return it to Seagate. It should work just fine.

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