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Got this from Mathy today...

"Hey guys -

some of you already know, Chris (LeftNUT)'s 11 year old son, Mitchell,
is in his final days of life right now. Mitchell was diagnosed with
Duchene Muscular Dystrophy in July of 2005. He has been on a rapid
decline over the past few months, and as of this past weekend, they say
he has only days left. They have a facebook page called Mitchell's
Journey, in case you'd like to check it out. I would like to send a
bouquet from FF5 to Chris' family after the unthinkable happens and so
am inviting you to donate for this. If you care to participate, you can
paypal me the funds and I'll get something as nice as possible from all
of us. (cindykeen@gmail.com)

Non-FF5ers- I included some of you
just in case. If for some reason you did not know Lefty, please don't
feel any pressure from me/us (even if you did know him!) We just wanted
to put the offer out there.

I will list everyone who donates on the card. (Unless that's tacky??? HELP.)

and I were also thinking that sending something to Mitch himself would
be really nice, too. We plan to go in together to get him something
(balloons, stuffed animal??) - if you'd like to do that, as well- let me
know and we can also make that a group effort. (Also, any ideas for a
fun gift for Mitch are welcome!)

I'm sorry to be the bearer of
sad/bad news if you didn't already know. Hope this new year is finding
all of the rest of you well and happy. Miss the old days!



A bunch of us that knew Lefty from way back when have contributed already. It's not so much the contribution that matters in my book. It's letting Lefty know that we love & support him & his family, and learning a lesson from the strength his family has. At the end of the day, remember to appreciate each other. Don't take anything for granted. Every moment is a gift. Lefty and his family have illustrated their strength through this long journey. Stand with them, and take the time to appreciate each moment.


Love ya all,


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Thanks for the news Fuzzy, I remember when Lefty's son used to come online now & then to play.

Condolancies to Lefty

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