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@iArches @Carendash @Tinen New Requirements to be Eligible for EU Compensation?

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Sooo, on the 14th of June, this post came out: stating compensation packs would be given

for everyone who logged in at least 10 times on different days on the EU servers during the time frame of April 16th 0 UTC - June 10th 23:59 UTC and played at least 2 hours in total
and for

those players above that have been Patron at least for one day during that time frame
On the 24th of June, the packs were distributed, but I did not get said packs (my alt did).
As per Carendash's instructions, I waited 24 hours and then contacted customer services.
Nearly 3 weeks later I get a reply saying I do not 'meet the requirements'.

Are they actually serious? It says right on my transaction history I had patron between the 2 dates given!

It gets better.

I sent a reply disputing their so-called logs of me not logging in enough, and got a really good reply: that I'd logged in to the NA servers more than the EU servers, and so I shouldn't receive the compensation. They indicated that I am not an EU player (I LIVE in the EU! And have an EU IP! Wow just wow), and then restated that I am not eligible for compensation

based on the amount of logins/time played on your EU characters
so they contradict themselves in their own reply! I have the minimum log-ins and play time on my EU characters (despite their best efforts at killing the EU servers. You know, maybe I logged in more to NA because the EU servers were/are unplayable??).

AND this completely ignores the scores of NA players who did receive the packs for their EU alts.

But apparently the requirements changed juuust for me? Good Game Gamigo. Your integrity truly shines.


I gotta ask, does Gamigo actually lose money by giving out compensation packs? Do those packs cost more than what players could have earned if the EU servers were actually functional? Is this one of those 'welp we ignored the bug/issue/exploit/mount set at wrong speed' for so long, we're gonna have to stick to our guns'.

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