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Dealing / contact with the customer

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Dear Jake Song, - XLGames and employee of Gamigo AG

Lately, there are too many problems for known reasons
come to ArcheAge.
However, patches and reboots of the servers have caused these problems
partially fixed.
But there have also been new, sometimes well-known problems.

Taris is currently disappearing on the EU server after emergency maintenance
Multipurpose maturation chambers.
They were neatly set up and filled, and should be like
known to ripen for 3 days until they can be harvested.
After the emergency maintenance and the re-login of the chars, these chambers are
partially disappeared without a trace.

For me it was the first time 60 completely filled chambers.

As a customer, I was so cheeky, and have opened a ticket to it.
Ticket: 1221136

In response to the first ticket, I get an answer
with a link that does not match the problems.

Upon my appeal, I get the same text sent back.

After the last emergency maintenance yesterday, 30 chambers disappeared again.
And I opened a ticket again.
Ticket: 1237341

Now I wait again for this standard answer.

Some of my guildmates who have no access to my buildings are experiencing the problem as well.

I am an honest customer, with several annual subscriptions which also out of the range invested
a lot in Archeage.
I have to work hard for my money. No roasted pigeons fly into the mouth.

An answer, as well as guilt, one must expect, I should seek the error in my environment,
is not acceptable.
I feel in this sense currently very fooled by you, if I may say so.

Even if you can not restore these chambers, I expect compensation.
because the problem is not mine.

Now I am not only annoyed about the loss in the game, the lost APs and the gold, but also to you,
as I am from a major publisher would have expected a little more customer service.

The Gamigo Group as an exchange-oriented company wants to increase sales, but this does not work,
when you scare off paying customers and drive them out to other vendors. In the long run, no game provider could afford that.

Jake Song was reportedly appalled by what happened to the game. I am appalled how lovelessly one deals with the customers.

Sorry, for spelling and modest English

A frustrated customer .......:mad::mad::mad:

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