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Support for Ticket N° 1227301

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Good afternoon,

I need help with ticket 1227301, open on June 29th.
Follow the text below.

"Good night,

I am Archeage player with a lot of game time and for some reasons, I was a long time without playing because of problems with my Notebook.
As I now bought a new one, I would like to play the game again, however, I found that all my "Farms" designs among other things that were in them no longer exist and do not allow me to recover, probably due to being demolished and gone to the Mail, since I could not log into my account and retrieve these items, they may have disappeared.

I would like to know how we can do so that I can review these items and enjoy the maximum of this game that I love so much and was longing to play it.


Until this moment I did not have an answer and without solution this problem affects my game, I need the design of the Gilda and Crédito farms and the items that were in my mail. As informed, I had problems with my PC and internet and unfortunately I had to leave for a long time of the game and as I think it wrong to share my account with other people, I did not ask for help for anyone.

I hope we can solve this problem as soon as possible, because I really like the game and we need these items in order to play the game I love, not to mention that I can not buy others because I already have them linked to my account in the past.


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