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Gamigo please respond (concerning Auroria residents in castle zones)

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In your post you said that on July 24th, the housing zones in Sungold Fields, Heedmar, Exeloch, Nuimari, Marcala and Calmlands will be removed and that as a result, we will lose our land. We understand from your post that we will get taxes and a décor limit increase. Unfortunately we aren't really concerned about that.
What is concerning about your post is that you said that our homes will be returned to us "with the normal demolition via mail". If that's true, it means you will not be full kitting our homes and that we will have to rebuild them ourselves.

We are asking that you please confirm that you are giving us back some taxes and décor increases (and other unnecessary things that we don't care about - ie: an old, ugly costume *think haughty duelist* and a boring mount that nobody ever wanted to purchase in the first place, as well as a title that we will never use), but that you will not be full kitting our homes. Is that correct?
If that's true, we want to know ahead of time (11 days before it happens) because some of us don't care as much about extra tax certificates and décor limit increases (& retired, slow mounts) as we do about finding new spots for our homes. And we would rather move our homes now than wait to accept the incredibly disappointing compensation you have planned and then find that it's damn near impossible and expensive to find a new spot when 50 other homeless people are buying up all the land at the same time.
Thank you so much for your time and attention in this!

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