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Movement speed


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Hi -- just replayed NOLF for the first time in probably 10 years, then decided to try NOLF 2 as well just now.

The difference in movement speed between the two games is huge compared to what I remember, I seem to almost be running in place compared to NOLF 1. Is there any way to change it for Single Player campaign? (I seem to remember  there's a setting for that on multiplayer servers?)

Any tips appreciated. :)

(BTW, for clarification:  I don't the have sneak/crouch/always-run options confused; I'm talking about the actual overall movemement
speed of Cate)

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The setting can be changed in the attributes (forgetting the exact name of the file) I'll check this evening when I'm at a computer with the game installed. 


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There is a file called "AIBUTES" [sic] in the folder "Attributes", looks like that might be the one. Not sure how to change the speed there, but I can fiddle around with it and see. I've gotten more used to her speed now after playing a few hours, but I still say Cate is slow as syrup compared to the first game.

Thank you very much for the help!


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I just did a quick test where I altered movement speeds in AIbutes.txt and it did nothing at all even though I rez'ed it and ran it as a mod.

The player will probably not use any of those templates, but AI will. That's how I configured the new characters in the ROH mod.

I can't say this for sure but from my best guess I'd say that most stuff that can give the player a advantage over other players (even singleplayer) would be stored in one of the dll files. Which would mean that it would be in the source code itself. 

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