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NOLF Windows 7 bugs

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Received this via email.

Posting it in case anyone has any ideas to resolve it.


Dear To Whom This May Concern,
I love playing No One Lives Forever 1, but ever
since I got my Windows 7 computer running, the game doesn't work quite
the same. The game plays smoothly and extremely well, except for
instances that requires me having to go underwater with/without scuba
gear, use the infrared/mine detector mode of sunglasses, or use the
night-vision scope for the Geldmacher SVD. I understand the game was not
designed to play on Windows 7, but I was hoping there was some way to
work around it.
only missions I had trouble with is Dive Scene 3 which is impossible to
do and Safecracker Scene 6 when I have to get through the infrared
beams. I've played the game before without cheating, but I had to use a
maphole cheat to go on through the game. Tenuous Lead Scene 5 when I had
to get all the intelligence items, I used a cheat that told me
coordinate positions so I could try to figure out where I was underwater
and god mode to keep me from drowning. I was able to get all the
intelligent items but that little part alone took 30 minutes to do.
last thing) Surprising, in Alpine Intrigue Scene 3 where you have to
swim underwater in order to get past the gate, I could see underwater
for that. I'm not sure why, but that's the only place I could. I have 2
attachments for you, a word doc and a PDF. I have pictures with what the
screen looks like for each of the scenes I've described to you. I do
not have a picture for when I'm underwater not in Alpine Intrigue Scene
3, but the general idea of each picture producing a blackout screen when
I have these problems are the same.
I have updated NOLF 1 to version 1.004v and I don't know of any other
patches I could have. My System is Windows 7 and I have 2 display
adapters, Intel® HD Graphics 4000 and Radeon ™ HD 7750. When going
to the display options in the game, It seems to use the Intel ® HD
Graphics 4000. I've switching them but no luck. I have updated both of
the cards to the best of my ability but still no luck.
Thank you for your time,
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My gut tells me that the Intel HD Graphics 4000 is the problem. Is this a laptop with switchable graphics or a desktop with integrated and dedicated graphics?

If it's the latter, then I would try disabling the Intel graphics and only use the Radeon HD via the BIOS. But if it's a laptop with switchable graphics, then I have no good idea other than temporary disabling the Intel graphics.

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