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When do you use the 'follow' function?

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I've played this game for more than 4 1/2 years by now and, in my opinion, there is absolutely no use for the follow function that actually benefits the game.

In the beginning, groups of people used it for trade runs.
With the removal of hackshield, it became a way for a single player to run two or more vehicles at once (all the way up to hauler-trains).
Both stopped (to most extent) with the introduction of the follow-item for trade runs.

But what about the normal follow function?
I personally only use it on 2 occasions:
1) On an alt to follow me (I almost only use this one in EHM because mounts die too fast there)
2) To mess around with guildies when I am bored

There is also 1 more occasion I see way too often, and which I meant with not benefitting the game
3) 10-30 alts following 1 character to get to certain NPCs, quest boards, etc

My personal stance is, that the function should be removed, but I only know my own opinion on this matter.

In order to get a better overview on how other players use it, please answer the following questions:
A) When do you use the 'follow' function?
B) Which benefit do you see from this function being in the game right now?

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