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Client MFC crash theory


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Been replaying NOLF2 and getting through Siberia was a hell-slog because of repeat crashes and graphical problems.

Lots of crashes just turning off light switches. Most of the time, it was when I was in exterior maps, though I think I had a few when inside complexes.

But now, in India? Nothing. No crashes.

My theory - it's down to weather effect or environmental lighting. Snow, weather fog, and the like.

I even tried using DGVoodoo2 hoping it might help - but I couldn't even get it to be recognized as a driver in the NOLF2 launcher after setting it up in the NOLF2 directory!

Anyone want to help try to figure out if we can pin down what might be a trigger for these crashes in weather effects?

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The Siberia levels and lights being turned on and off have been known to cause Client MFC crashes. Weather effects or environmental lightning  could be part of the problem, but for me most of the in-level problems seemed to happen from lights being turned on or off, even if the light is off-screen. The Soviet facilities happen to have a lot of lights, and the guards often turn them on and off when they enter and exit rooms. I'm not sure but their flashlights in the dark could've caused some crashes too. But I've had light switch crashes happen in other levels too. Even lights that flicker from being shot could cause a crash. It all seems to happen randomly though.

This worked for me: Oddly, the livesforever and/or livesforever plus mods may help stop or reduce some types of Client MFC crashes, such as from lights going on and off. But the livesforever mod stops interactive dialogue boxes from appearing, such as picking what to hear from a Santa bird or tape recorder, but most importantly when you need to  interact with the Super Computer in Siberia. So you have to disable the livesforever mod in that level. Or just use the livesforever plus mod which doesn't have that problem.

Client MFC crashes are also known to happen when the game is loading a level. Sometimes it takes loading 3 or 4 times or more to get it to work. The livesforever mods do not seem to help with this problem, so this has still happened to me and has become the cause of most or all of my Cilent MFC crashes. But once the level is loaded, I usually don't have any other crashing  problems. But actually, this might fix that problem:


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Just my two cents worth here as I had the same issues with the Siberia levels.  So many crashes and nothing seemed to help except to save often.  Well, okay one thing that did help was the loading crash patch (as seen in the above post) but not much else.  Even the set the lithtech.exe to one CPU core trick didn't work for me.  But once I got passed the Siberia levels, I didn't have a single crash.  So what ever is causing the crashes is definitely part of the makeup of those Siberia levels.

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